Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 36- Istanbul, Turkey

I understandably slept in this morning and headed out to the city after lunch on the ship. A group of us browsed the spice market until Anna and Meredith met up with us to go see Galata Tower. The tower is a short walk from the port and has a spectacular view of the city. However, I did not want to spend 10 lira to ride an elevator so only a few people went up and I just pretended that I went by looking at their photos. After the tower, we wandered around Taksim square. It has a nice, wide road with all sorts of shops on both sides. Along the way we found some musicians performing on the corner. We stopped and listened for a while and I really enjoyed their music. There was a drum, hammer doclimer, and guitar. I liked it so much I actually bought a c.d. from them.


We had dinner at a place called 360; higher than almost every building in the city it give a 360 degree view of the breath taking skyline. I would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Istanbul. The food was great, definitely worth the money, and a great change of pace from ship food. After dinner I went with Jon, Jack, Athena, Whitney, Amanda, and Kara to a hooka bar to play checkers and enjoy our last night in Istanbul in a more low key way. We enjoyed listening to the call to prayer during the warm night. It’s becoming a normal and even expected daily occurrence that will be missed when we return home.


+ + +

Dinner was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had so far and made me totally fall in love with this city.


- - -

I thought I was all alone today because I slept too late, luckily everyone else did the same thing!


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