Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 40- Varna, Bulgaria



Today a small group of us decided to visit the various tourist sites around Varna. Our first stop was intended to be the aquarium. We followed the map closely but couldn’t find it anywhere. Rumor was it was like Petsmart so we kept walking to find the dolphinarium. Once again, we wandered for a long time and couldn’t find it at all. After a quick photo shoot and a run in with a crazy Bulgarian lady we decided to settle on the beach for the afternoon. I got to swim in the Black Sea which wasn’t as clean as I would have hoped, but still fun. As the sun started to set we walked back to the ship, stopping to peek in on the pro volleyball tournament going on nearby. I spent the evening at a bar on the beach with various SAS kids. Athena, Jon and I had a liter each of Tabour for only 3.50 Lev! There was tequila to celebrate Jess' birthday....again. We had to teach Craig the proper way to take a tequila shot, salt and lime included. We made sand angels and did cartwheels on the beach. When the creepy Australian started asking some girls inappropriate questions we figured it was time to head home.


+ + +

We were really spontaneous today and I liked it.


- - -

If I don’t make it home it’s because a crazy Bulgarian lady cursed us because we didn’t have any money to give her.


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