Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 44- At Sea, Pre-Port Egypt

Since I didn’t get to celebrate my brother Andrew’s birthday yesterday, it was super exciting to celebrate Andrew Buckner’s birthday here on the ship. Andrew turns 20 tomorrow but we will be scattered all over Egypt so we are celebrating tonight. His mom ordered him not one, but two cakes for the occasion! Tonight we had the chocolate ice cream cake and we will have the other after we return from Egypt. I made Andrew a card with a dragon on it because he is quite fond of dragons. He was really excited about it and everyone wrote a nice little message for him.


The biggest event of the day for Andrew was his long awaited haircut. Sam made him an appointment for this afternoon and I tagged along with the camera to document this transformation. Andrew once upon a time had shoulder length green hair and three piercings in his ears. He allowed Sam to direct the stylist to fix him up nice. Luckily Andrew was all smiles during the process but I’m sure he was freaking out on the inside. There was quite a pile of hair on the floor at the end but now he has a real boy haircut! The lady even showed him how to style it using product! Everyone ohhed and awed when he emerged from the spa on the seventh deck. I don’t even recognize him right now because he looks so different.


After the festivities of Andrew’s birthday we went to pre-port for Egypt and learned all about our first stop in Africa. It was interesting but not as much as most pre-ports because I am going on an SAS trip the whole time so I don’t need to know as many details.


+ + +

Andrew looks fantastic and was so brave to trust some girls telling him how to fix his hair.


- - -

I ate too much ice cream cake.


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