Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 41- Varna, Bulgaria

I was woken up by a storm at 5 am and even when I went to breakfast it was still raining. I went back to sleep and after lunch Rudy and I headed to the Varna mall to look for some shirts to wear in Africa. Dan, Calvin, Lauren, and Julie came to the mall with us to see a movie. Rudy and I had some trouble finding clothes because the styles here are so different and very strange. Eventually, we found some suitable clothes and relaxed with an iced coffee before going back to the ship to meet Whitney to go bungee jumping.


The walk to the bridge is about 45 minutes and we arrived around 5:45 pm. Several SAS kids were leaving saying that the group was closing up for the evening. We went on (one of the longest bridges I’ve ever seen) thinking we would make reservations for the next morning. There was a small crowd still there so we asked if we could squeeze in tonight. They said yes so Whitney signed her life over to them right away. I wasn’t completely convinced so I waited to see what all this was about. I saw two girls chicken out before one girl just climbed onto the railing and swan dove over the edge. She must have done that before because she looked like she was having a great time. Two guys went just as easily and said it was very fun. I still wasn’t ready so I let Whitney go. We counted down from three and she jumped over the edge. At the bottom, as she hung upside down swinging, she yelled, “That was awesome!” Once she was hoisted back on the bridge, the guys started packing up so I just passed because I could come back tomorrow morning. On the way home all Whitney could say was, “I can’t believe I just did that.” Between watching Whitney and hearing Athena’s stories from the day before, I talked myself into going in the morning.


After dinner a group of us headed to the bowling alley. We found Galaxy Bowling which is on the main strip in town above a gay bar called Alexander. Sam, Shane, Spencer, and I were on a team against Anna, Meredith, Erik, and Andrew. Most of us were horrible at bowling so after one game we went upstairs to play some pool. Sam and I played against Anna and Meredith and won two games. On the way home we snacked on popcorn from a street vendor. We made it back by midnight to prepare for our big day tomorrow!


+ + +

I convinced myself to do something totally dangerous and crazy.


- - -

I had the second worst score in bowling tonight…what else is new though?


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