Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 42- Varna, Bulgaria

I woke up this morning nervous but totally psyched for heading towards the bridge. I had breakfast with Jon, Rocky, and Ryder at Ryder’s request. Rocky (Ryder’s dad) talked me through the bungee jumping, convincing me it would be fun and not scary. I left with Shane, Erik, and Erica and made it to the bridge by 11 am. There was already a small group gathered but the bungee guys were not there yet. We waited about half an hour before we were hungry again so we decided to walk to find some food. Our destination, unfortunately, was the Golden Arches since that’s what we could see from the bridge. It took us way too long to walk there and we got a little lost. I thought I ordered chicken strips but I got chicken wings. Any may I say they were the best darn wings I’ve ever had! It was interesting eating American good in a foreign country. There are no free refills, free water, of free condiments. At least the restrooms here were free, most places aren’t.


By the time we made it back to the bridge there were about 30 people in line. We waited, and waited, and waited for three hours and there was still a crowd in front of me. In the end it got to be 4 pm, time to go back to the ship, and there were fifteen people still in front of me. I just sucked it up and decided I wouldn’t be jumping off any bridges today. I exchanged my Lev for USD instead and went back to the ship to say goodbye to Bulgaria.


+ + +

I had the courage to almost jump off a bridge. And I am convinced that I will one day! Also, banana and whiskey ice cream is a weird but good combination.


- - -

I am still kicking myself for not going yesterday with Whitney and for leaving for lunch today. Oh well, as Shawn said, “Your mother will be happy.”

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