Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 49- Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo to Alexandria, Egypt

This morning was a repeat of the other day with a 5 am wake up call for our 8 am flight back to Cairo. We ran into a little trouble in the airport because apparently we didn’t have the right visas/stamps in our passports. We had port stamps, not general Egypt travel stamps. Good thing Elias was there, otherwise we would have never made it back. After some smooth talking (I bet it helped he had a gun) we boarded the plane for the hour long flight. Once back in Cairo, we headed to the National Archeological Museum, also known as the Egyptian Museum. We saw King Tut’s mask and various treasures from his tomb. His body/mummy is still in his tomb, but we saw a bunch of other mummies. There were human mummies of all sizes, cats, dogs, birds, snakes and even a crocodile that was at least 16 feet long (according to my feet)!


We had a speedy lunch at the same hotel by the pyramids then said so long to them as we started the three hour drive to Alexandria. We arrived fifteen minutes early to beat the group of 200 to make it on the ship without standing in the blazing sun for too long.


+ + +

I did not get detained in the Sharm El Sheikh airport or get taken to jail.


- - -

The museum was not air conditioned and all the mummies started to look the same after a while.


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